Book Review: Melissa and Kasho by Camilla Chance

Something very different from my last crime book review is this charming coming-of-age story. Let’s get into it!


Melissa and Kasho* by Camilla Chance introduces us to Melissa, a shy teenage girl who doesn’t fit into the harsh high society she was born. The only person she feels who understands her is Kasho. The only problem is that Kasho doesn’t physically dwell on Earth.


The blurb is short and sweet but hopefully, my review will provide more information about Melissa and Kasho. I excitedly started this book. It was set in a finishing school in Florence during the 1950s, which meant it incorporated some of my favourite things: historical fiction and Italy. The scenes in the common room and bedrooms also reminded me of Mallory Towers.

As harsh as it was for Melissa, I enjoyed learning more about her treatment by her parents. If you ever want to fuel your hatred into the characters of a book, Melissa’s parents are a perfect choice. There are no redeeming qualities about them and there is not even a viable reason to try to comprehend why they act like they do. Melissa thankfully is not molded by her parents. She has a wonderful loving nature. Her issue is in being afraid of being herself. Enter Kasho.

Now, I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy the scenes with Kasho. I didn’t really enjoy him as a character and the scenes between him and Melissa were drawn out and the dialogue didn’t seem natural to me. I also wasn’t a big fan of the supernatural element of his presence. Saying that I do like what he brought to the overall story. Because of Kasho, the reader is presented with a story about the importance of self-care, about standing up for yourself and being who you are. Overall, he forms this book into a coming of age story with a twist.

Honestly, this book wasn’t a favourite of mine. However, there is a lot to take from it so if it sounds at all intriuing to you, I encorage you to pick it up.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review Melissa and Kasho

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  1. Not sure it’s one for me, but it sounds interesting and different from the usual formula. At least the characters made you feel something, even if it’s hatred, it means for that moment they come alive.

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