Book Review: Scoundrels: The Hunt for Hansclapp (Scoundrels #2)* by James Peak and Duncan Crowe

Everybody, the boys are back in town. That’s right, those cheeky Scoundrels.

Scoundrels: The Hunt for Hansclapp (Scoundrels #2)* by James Peak and Duncan Crowe brings us the second volume of memories from Major Cornwall and Major Trevelyan. Our favourite Scoundrels learn there is a rat in their beloved club, one who has been feeding information to their nemesis, Gruber Hansclapp. What wonderful journeys do they embark on to stop him? Well, a kidnapping in the Congo, manslaughter on the Orient Express and romance at the Stasi’s Christmas Party. Are you ready?

Many would say that a sequel can never be as good as the first, but I enjoyed the frivolities of Cornwall and Trevelyan much more this time around. It may possibly be the fact that I was returning to old friends but in reality, I think the craft of this volume was more precise than the last.

Firstly, I felt like there was a stronger plot. I guess a lot of the first volume was spent introducing the reader to the characters and building up an idea of who they are as people, what the Scoundrels club is and the mayhem they would get up to there. Now that I’m familiar with Cornwall and Trevelyan, there was a lot more concentration on their quest to bring down Hansclapp and I really enjoyed that.

That’s not to say I didn’t learn more about the main characters or that they didn’t evolve. For those of you who have read volume one, you will remember the constant bitching between Cornwall and Trevelyan. While there is a little of that at the start, through their memoirs and correspondence to each other, it is easy to see how much they grew to love and respect one another. A stronger sense of teamwork is apparent and it gives a softer edge to the story.

Actually, we see much more emotion from Cornwall and Trevelyan in this book than what they felt for each other. Volume two is where many relationships are built. These include adoptive daughters, wives and, well, Titus. I’m bursting to tell you more but I think it is best if you just learn of these relationships yourself. Keep a special eye out for Titus.

Finally, I found this volume of Scoundrels less crude than the first. I’m not sure if it really is. I could just have lowered my line of acceptance (not sure what that says about me). Fret not, though! This story is every bit as outrageous and funny as the first and if you came back looking for a right ol’ giggle, you won’t be disappointed.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Scoundrels Volume 2.jpg

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