Author Interview: C.L. Gaber of The Ascenders Saga


I’m very excited to bring this interview to you! If you are a long-time reader of Joyful Antidotes you will know that The Ascenders Saga has appeared here many, many times (like here, here, here and here!). I’m back today with an interview with the main woman herself, author C.L. Gaber. Here we go!

I’m a big fan of the Ascenders Saga and I am excited to see what’s to come in book four? Can you give a bit of a teaser?

Thank you, Joy! And huge thanks for all your love and support. Means the world! Okay, onto your question……I can give you a big reveal here.

The first chapter is from Daniel’s point of view! He’s back. In the living realm, but on borrowed time. Meanwhile, Walker must deal with the fact that he’s gone now and she must go on.

Cass is there thinking that this is his time. But Walker can’t stop thinking about what was….perhaps at the expense of what might be. She also has to deal with Principal Dick and the Claires who decide to torment Walker in a way that’s devastating to her.

What do you feel is your greatest achievement in Ascenders 11:11?

I really researched the phenomenon of 11:11. I was like everyone else who noticed that time on the clock and even would text my husband “I love you” at 11:11. But what does it mean? Why do we all notice 11:11 and wish on it? It’s really a time when all things converge.

So, with Walker and Daniel, I started to think about this idea of…what if you only had two minutes a day to remember the love of your life. Is that a lucky thing because you have the two minutes or torture because you ONLY have the two minutes?

I also loved that in book four, we were back at the Academy after a lot of time travel in book three. It felt good to be “home” with all the famous teachers (tons of new ones) and magical things happening.

Are you confident it will be another fan favourite or do you experience a slight sense of dread it won’t be received as well?

It’s always a nervous thing. We’re on book four, so the fans feel deeply about these characters and I want to take them on the next adventure.

How has your relationship changed with the characters? Do you have any new favourites since book one?

I have to admit that as much as I love Daniel, I do love Cass, too. Usually, when I watch films or read books and there is the love triangle, I’m clearly on one team or the other. I try to make that a little tougher in book 4. I also love the idea that Walker with each book is a bit braver, but she is the last one to admit it until she has to prove it…prove it mostly to herself.

And as for favourites, I’m a big Bertha fan although poor Bertha!!!

The initial idea for the Ascenders story came from a fact you received as a journalist for the New York Times Syndicate “Did you know that the human brain doesn’t fully form until you’re 24-years-old. That’s when the frontal lobe gels to put it simply,”. What other ways has your career as a journalist helped your career as an author?

I’ve been a journalist since I was in high school and that fact informs so much of Ascenders. For about 90 percent of the famous dead teachers, I went back into my own notes and used things they told me about life as their dialogue in the books.

Also, if there is anything factual, I always do tons of research or I’ll even call an expert because I need a little reality with my fiction.

My editor Mary often writes me notes saying: “Is that really how you would…..” I’m like, ‘Yep!” So definitely my journalism DNA says I need some truth there. Plus, the truth is really stranger than fiction.

When you wrote the first Ascenders book, did you envision it becoming a saga?

Always. I love sagas. If I’m in, I’m in for the long haul.

Do you have any plans to write something away from the Ascenders Saga?

I have another idea for a female action here, but first a few more Ascenders books and a few spin-offs.

Tell us fans one fun fact about the books we might not know already know!

Well, in book 4, we get to see where the Mermen live, their underwater dorm. Another fun fact is that I finally found a place for Princess Di. We all knew that had to happen someday….and Elvis!

And one more really cool fact, Ascenders is being developed as a TV series!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview. 


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  1. This was a great Q&A! I loved the bit about 11:11. I’ve always noticed when it’s 11:11 on the clock and I always make a wish / say a prayer / hope for something when it’s 11:11 in the evening but I don’t even know where I heard that was a THING? Isn’t it weird!

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