Book Review: Implant by Ray Clark

If you love a good police drama with plenty of violence and even more suspense, I have the book for you.

Implant* by Ray Clark is set in Bramfield, a small town near Leeds where not a lot happens. That is until Detectives Stewart Gardener and Sean Reilly discover the naked corpse of Alex Wilson, nailed to the wall of a cellar in his uncle’s hardware store. With Alex having gone through what can only be described as sadistic torture, the detectives know they have something very serious on their hands. Even more so when, after 48 hours with no substantial leads or clues, the case appears to run dry.

Like with Come and Find Me, I was shocked to find that Implant was part of an already established series. I guess I had my suspicions when past incidents were adhered to in some places, but for the most part, I was convinced this was a standalone book. So, don’t worry about not having had the acquaintance of Gardener and Reilly earlier, Implant proves their worth on its own.

For me, this book is police crime drama at its finest. There were many strands to the story and each one kept me intrigued, finally intertwining into a wonderful conclusion. What I liked the most was how the story was told. I’ve read books from this genre in the past and many times they go on without incidence for chapters and all of a sudden there is a big breakthrough and the story ends. What Implant does instead is provide pieces of information here and there when necessary to keep you on your toes. I really felt like I was unravelling the mystery at the same time the detectives were.

Finally, another reason why Implant appealed to me was because of its similarities to the Saw films (but not too many similarities that you will feel this story has already been done).  Saying that a likeness to Saw also means a lot of extreme violence so if that isn’t your kind of thing, this book may not be the one for you.

If this review was appealing to you, then I strongly recommend that you pick up a copy of Implant. You won’t be disappointed.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Implant by Ray Clark

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  1. I haven’t read a good Crime novel in SO LONG. I used to read them all the time but then I just stopped for some reason so I’d love to get my hands on a really good one again soon!

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