Book Review: The Cottage at Hope Cove by Hannah Ellis

There are books in this world that give you a warm feeling inside. Opening these books are like meeting with an old friend, one who is happy to relax on the sofa, next to an open fire while having a good ol’ natter. This is one of those books.

The Cottage at Hope Cove by Hannah Ellis opens with Lizzie Beaumont, a woman who has it all: a successful career, a wonderful fiancé and her dream wedding in the works. When Lizzie heads to Hope Cove alone for a week’s holiday when fiancée Phil can’t make it, all she is looking for is some peace and quiet. Instead she finds Max and her entire world is turned upside down.

I’d already read Always With You by Hannah Ellis so I knew I was onto a good thing here. However, I connected to The Cottage at Hope Cove so much more. I guess it is because I could relate to Lizzie in some ways. I’m not looking to run away from my life and I’m happy in my relationship but the thoughts of escaping to a small village somewhere by the sea sounds like bliss.

Regardless of whether I related to her or not, Ellis wrote a wonderful character in Lizzie. I found myself entangled in her life and emotions and really rooted for her to come out on top. When you find yourself that invested in a character, you know the author has done a good job. I also enjoyed the character of Max, although it is hard to differentiate him as an individual as he only appears with Lizzie throughout the book. Still, I enjoyed their relationship, finding it to be the enjoyable type of relationship that one gets from a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Perhaps I enjoyed this book so much because Hope Cove sounds absolutely idyllic to me. I live in a big city right now and while it has its advantages, I do dream of living in the countryside someday. Within the pages of The Cottage at Hope Cove, I was able to live in the countryside. Ellis really brought the area to life through her wonderful imagery and great storytelling.

I think The Cottage at Hope Cove is perfect for people my age as it really tapped into what we might be going through: unsure of themselves, dreams have changed but don’t know how to follow them, etc. At first, this book may come across as another love story but it really is the perfect blend of romance and self-discovery.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Cottage at Hope Cove by Hannah Ellis


  1. I honestly don’t read any Chic-Lit any more; I’ve kinda grown out of it as a genre but I still dip my toes in every now and again when I’m feeling like I need a warm book!

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