Book Review: Blind Justice by Nathan Burrows

You all know by now that I love a good thriller so you won’t be surprised that this review is back to the norm for me. What I just learned about myself is that I love a good legal thriller. I’m sure I’ve read many a legal thriller in my time but it is only recently I started to think of it as a sub-genre. See, you learn something every day! What you are going to learn about today is a great new legal thriller.

Blind Justice by Nathan Burrows focuses on Gareth, an innocent man in jail for murder. Given 15 years on the inside, Gareth has plenty of time to ponder his life until now: his career as a petty thief, his mistakes and, most importantly, his wife Jennifer. That is until lawyer Paul Dewar comes to visit him with a claim that he has enough information to help Gareth fight for freedom.

OK, the main reason I liked this book was Gareth who is essentially a loveable rogue. By no means is he perfect in any way but I felt that added to his appeal and had me rooting for him more. I wanted him to be proven innocent, which in turn enticed me to read more and essentially get caught up in the story. You see, you get sucked into Blind Justice because of Gareth, not the storyline.

Saying that, the storyline was pretty great too. It was a new kind of drama for me. It didn’t need all kinds of shocking twists to hook me. Instead, it is a realistic story that kept me interested. The way the story is narrated also added to the level of interest bestowed upon me. Through his words, Burrow projecs a dark image that suits the storylibe. I could very well picture Gareth sitting in his cell replaying past events over. By the way, Blind Justice jumps between past and present until the reader is finally caught up with Gareth’s story, but it does so in a smooth manner meaning you don’t feel lost or confused at any point.

On the flip side of this dark story is the deep emotion Burrows portrays between Gareth and Jennifer. There is no doubt that they love each other immensely and under other circumstances, their relationship could have been the basis for a romance novel. There is also a great sense of family within the pages of this book which brought a lot of value and overall made Blind Justice a more well-rounded tale that other legal thrillers.

Overall, I can’t fault this first novel from Nathan Burrows. I very much look forward to future books.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Blind Justice by Nathan Burrows


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