Book Review: Penny White and the Cult of Unicorns by Chrys Cymri

I am back with the next instalment in the Penny White saga (see the first one here). The more I read of this series the more I love it and, after just two books, I have to make this bold claim: this is a series your CANNOT miss out on!

Penny White and the Cult of Unicorns by Chrys Cymri thrusts Penny into a new saga in Lloegyr, the magical parallel world of Daear where she is a vicar. Penny is learning more and more that Lloegyr has many of its own struggles. As vampires, elves, dragons and other races start to mix more and also cross through the thin places into the human world, it is up the unicorns to keep the peace. But what do you do when two humans turn up dead and the unicorns are the suspected culprits?

There was a fair few months between reading the first Penny White book and the second but after just a few pages, I felt like I was home. It didn’t take long to get to grips with the characters again and I loved that. Like I said in my last review, Penny is such a great character. In the first book, I loved her because of how down-to-earth she was. This time around I loved her even more because the feminist side of her shined through: she is a woman in a male dominated profession, she is unapologetically herself, and she is strong and brave.

Actually, I think this book was more about the characters than anything else. Yes, we have the issue of the unicorns and the murders, but the story for me was more about exploring the relationships in the book and setting the characters up for future events. I especially enjoyed exploring Penny and James’ relationship, even if I think we have still only hit the tip of the iceberg here.

I also really liked the way unicorns were dealt with in the story. Unicorns are a pretty trendy topic at the moment and every time I go into a shop I am blinded by the amount of sparkly unicorn merchandise there is. Cymri brought a new darker side to unicorns to the forefront and I loved it!

Overall, another great book that helped me escape for while. I really would love to see this series made into films and have my favourite characters come alive onscreen. You will too once you get stuck in!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Penny White and the Cult of Unicorns


  1. I love series of books where when you pick up the next one you feel like you’re home! It’s a wonderful feeling 🙂 I’ve never heard of these and although I’m not really into Fantasy, they sound interesting!

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