Book Review: Greece – Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs Culture by Constantine Buhayer

My review of the Culture Smart Hungary Guide was so well received – thanks so much! I guess you all have the same travel bug I have. And, just when you thought it might go, I am back again with a review of the guide to Greece. Time to get the passport out again!

Greece – Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs Cultureby Constantine Buhayer is exactly what it says on the tin. It provides all essential information about the background, values, and attitudes of the people you will meet on your trip to Greece and give practical advice on how to deal with unfamiliar situations.

This guide was very much broken into two negative points and two positive points for me. On the bright side of the book, it gave a good insight into the Greek people. I don’t want to speak for everyone but it is possible that quite a fair few of us know what we know about the Greeks from sources such as the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was nice to know how much of the stereotype shown in the film was correct and learn about the other traits of the Greeks which are not so familiar. Also on the positive side, this book gives a good overview of Greek history. Sure, it might have only skimmed the surface, but I felt I learned some new things and a need to find out more was awakened inside of me.

On the flip side, this book is very much designed for beginners to the culture in mind. Therefore, it may very well happen that you are disappointed in the amount of “new” info provided. This leads me to my next point which is that there are no specific recommendations in terms of restaurants, cafes, etc. provided. I can understand why; it keeps the content of the book more evergreen. However, if that is the kind of information you buy a travel guide for, you will be disappointed. What you get instead is quite a hefty chunk of the book dedicated to Greek history. I really enjoyed that but it really needs to interest you in order to get the full value of the book.

Overall, I did enjoy this guide and it most certainly had me longing for Greece. Still, it might not be for everyone. If food and drink recommendations are what you are after, maybe it is best to skip this one. However, if you really want to understand the Greek people and where they are from, drop a copy of this guide in your basket right now!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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