Book Review: December Girl by Nicola Cassidy

Guys, very, very excited to bring a new author to you today. And, I won’t deny it, there is a part of me even more excited that she is an Irish author. But I swear I am not being biased. This is just a wonderful piece of historical fiction.

In a nutshell, December Girl by Nicola Cassidy is a tale of family bonds, love, revenge and murder. Set in the late 1800s, it centres around the young and feisty Molly Thomas. Molly’s life is full of troubles, beginning with the eviction of her family from their home, which she vows to seek vengeance for, to the kidnapping of her baby son from his pram.

I love historical fiction and was really excited to be offered a copy of December Girl by Nicola. I wasn’t disappointed and can only praise the author for how great this book was. Based on real events, it was well researched and very reflective of the time. It actually reminded me a lot of Lesley Pearce who does these types of books wonderfully.

The book is very well written overall but I have to admit that part one was slow to move for my taste and didn’t intrigue me much. I think this was because in part one, and actually some other parts of the book as well, we get an explanation of how the events of the book which we already know from the blurb occurred. So, nothing really new happens. However, when Cassidy starts throwing in the twists and turns of the story later on, she really starts to shine. All of a sudden I couldn’t put the book down and one morning Christmas week I found myself getting up at 7am just so I could find out what happens.

I liked the character of Molly but not because I related to her or anything like that but because she evoked different types of emotions and thoughts in me that I usually don’t get with the protagonist of a book. Considering all that happened to Molly throughout the course of December Girl, I really thought that I would be cheering her on but I found her rather hard to like or be sympathetic towards. A lot of the time I found myself instead pondering whether or not she was really strong or really silly. I liked that as I have recently realised I don’t need to find a character likable or relatable to enjoy them. The rest of the characters in the book I found rather minor but they served their purpose well. Although, I must say that I would like to know more about Gladys as I think she could make a good book in her own right.

Overall, I am very, very satisfied with this book. Any other historical fiction fans out there, do yourself a favour and go pick up a copy.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

December Girl


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