Book Review: Appetite by Anita Cassidy

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to read more thought-provoking books? Yes? Well then, I have just the thing for you!

Appetite by Anita Cassidy focuses on some of the biggest urges of mankind: food, sex and the desire for more from life. These urges are explored through the stories of three people: Naomi, a lonely housewife who embarks on an affair; David an overweight schoolboy and Matthew, an intelligent but jaded teacher.

What I loved the most about this book was Cassidy’s ability to create not only interesting characters but three absolutely different characters. Naomi is very selfish and judgemental of others, ironic considering her extramarital affair. I really disliked her but found her presence to be a refreshing contrast to David who rustled up more caring and heart wrenching emotions within me. However, even though I didn’t find his personal story the most interesting, it was Matthew whom I found the most relatable. There is currently something within me, an appetite let’s say, that also wants to do more in life. In David, I found some encouragement to try new things, however big or small, and not to be afraid.

Regardless of how much or how little Appetite’s characters appeal to you, this book will certainly make you think: how do people get into these situations? Could I get into one of these situations? How would I react and what would I do if I was Naomi, David or Matthew. The story will leave your mind racing and also more understanding of other people; nobody knows why others do the things they do.

The ending of Appetite brought me mixed feelings of satisfaction and annoyance. It was fulfilling that each character’s story came to a conclusion, however, some were not conclusions I found comfort in. I guess that because this book was a bit drawn out and over detailed for me, the conclusion didn’t meet my levels of effort in reading the book. Does that make sense?

Overall, I found Appetite was a great way to get my brain flowing. I enjoyed the debatable topics I drew from its pages – even if I only had myself to debate with!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Appetite 1Appetite 2



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