Book Review: Strange Medicine by Mike Russell

Isn’t it always nice to receive an old friend? Today, I am happy to have Mike Russell, formerly of my Strungballs review, back on Joyful Antidotes.

The latest offering from weird-fiction author Mike is Strange Medicine, a collection of weird and wonderful short stories.

What can I say only that Mike is as wacky as ever! In the most charming way possible, of course. This collection of stories brought some light into my life while reading them and I was utterly enthralled by what goes on inside this author’s head. The stories made me smile but, most importantly, they made me think. As was the case with Strungballs, I can’t admit having known what was going on all the time but that is ok. I really worked my brain analysing possible underlying themes and often came to my own conclusion’s, meaning I got what I wanted from the stories.

If you just want to read for reading’s sake, just for sheer enjoyment, Strange Medicine is also a great choice for you. Some of the stories take a creepy, sinister element, while others, such as Seventy-Two Bricks, have elements of love. There are stories which you think are going to go one way and then completely change direction. And there are stories where Mike’s wonderful way with prose truly stands out, like Telephone, which is wonderfully written in the form of six conversations.

Again, I have been sucked deeper into the realm of weird fiction. Come join me – it’s fun here!

Strange Medicine


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