Book Review: Trust Me by Gemma Metcalfe

I have been absolutely spoiled when it comes to books these last few weeks. It seems like each one I pick up is at least as good as the last – if not better. Let me introduce you to another of those books.

Trust Me is a fast-paced, tension-filled book from Gemma Metcalfe. It tells the story of Lana, a call centre employee in Tenerife trying to sell holidays to the island. With the pressure of getting fired on her back if she doesn’t make a sale today, Lana calls Liam. What she didn’t know beforehand was that Liam was intending to kill himself that very moment. Lana wants to keep Liam alive and Liam wants to tell his story to someone before he dies, resulting in a book filled with unravelling secrets both never thought they would share.

This book caught my interest right away and I couldn’t wait for a spare moment to make headway with it. There are basically two main characters in the book, Lana and Liam, and the story alternates between the present time and their past. The book is short and easy to read and continues this back and forth structure throughout. Now, if you had just read those two last sentences the word ‘boring’ might have popped to mind. But this is a story which will keep you turning page after page after page. And best of all? It is a truly a unique story, something the thriller genre can often lack.

Why was this such an addictive book? Because it just kept you guessing. I don’t think I have ever read a book with so many well-plotted twists and turns, all of which I never saw coming. Even the very last pages had me shocked. But, Trust Me wasn’t just about shocking the reader. The character development was great for a short book. I really found myself empathizing with Lana and Liam and even found myself becoming emotional during certain scenes. I needed to find out more about them so, again, I was completely sucked in.

Basically, you just have to get yourself a copy of this book. It will make your heart race, your spine tingle and your eyes want to race on and read faster than you can keep up. This is a fantastic debut from Gemma Metcalfe and I can’t wait to see what she delivers next.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: Trust Me by Gemma Metcalfe
Book Review: Trust Me by Gemma Metcalfe


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