Book Review: The Chosen Path by Jason Hershey

Remember a while back I posted a review of To Die To Live by Jason Hershey? Well, I am back with the next part of Theo’s journey and it is equally as gripping.

The Chosen Path sets Theo in Kansas where he has started university. The story recalls a particular point in his life as he meets and falls for fellow student Sabrinna.

Again, this is a wonderfully well-written story and makes for an easy read. I actually read The Chosen Path in an hour, not solely because it was little over 100 pages long, but because the beautiful prose flows so well. It had me gripped. I was inside the mind of Theo. I felt what he felt and at times the story was so relatable I also relived feelings I haven’t felt since I was a teenager. It reminded me of the excitement of going on a first date, but also the fear and dread which lies behind.

There was only really one character in this book: Theo. Everybody else was more or less a support act. And like in Hershey’s last book, I very much enjoyed the character of Theo. The other character which mainly features, although always through the eyes of Theo, is Sabrinna. Actually, you learn quite a bit about Sabrina and the type of person she is even though she is not a prominent character. For me, there was one main reason Sabrinna featured in this story, besides her being Theo’s love interest. I feel it was to send the message about how dangerous and cruel it can be to base your happiness around someone else.

Towards the end, The Chosen Path was built up to suggest what the next choice Theo makes could be. But, it ends on a cliffhanger. Not that it needed it for me to want to read the next instalment. I’m already waiting.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: The Chosen Path by Jason Hershey
Book Review: The Chosen Path by Jason Hershey


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