Book Review: Blank Space by Jennifer Young

If you know me in a non-internet sense, you will know that, since reading Gone Girl, I have been crying out for a book that would keep me guessing. Thank you, Jennifer Young, for providing that book to me. 

According to Goodreads, Blank Space is as follows:

“When Bronte O’Hara finds an injured man in her kitchen in the run-up to an international political summit in Edinburgh, a world she thought she’d left behind catches up with her. When the man makes his escape, the police seem less interested in finding out where he went and how he came to be there than they are in Bronte’s past – more specifically, her ex-boyfriend, Eden Mayhew. Eden’s an anarchist, up to his neck in any trouble around – and he’s missing. The police are keen to find him, certain that he’ll come back. Who can she trust – and what has Eden’s disappearance got to do with the handsome stranger?”

I’ve read Young before (Running Man) and enjoyed her work. While both books contain the romance she so wonderfully writes, this certainly leans more toward romantic suspense. And there was a lot of suspense. The story immediately opens with it: Just who is this handsome man lying unconscious on Bronte’s floor? We are made to believe one thing but the first twist comes less than 50 pages in, and they keep coming throughout this entire book, right until the very end. For me, each of these twists was as shocking as the last. Young took a well-loved mystery genre and made it her own.

There was some good character development in this book but it wasn’t the strongest point. For many characters, basically, what you saw was what you got from the start. But there is nothing wrong with this when an author creates characters which evoke feelings in you. I felt pity for Bronte, anger at Eden and developed a tiny crush on Marcus – that is when you know a book has got you hooked.

Overall, this was a well-written story with a great flow. I was really sucked in by what was happening and felt drawn to the book whenever I had a spare minute. Would I recommend it? Absolutely!

This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: Blank Space by Jennifer Young
Book Review: Blank Space by Jennifer Young


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