Book Review: Dear Bob, The Misadventures of Petunia Pottersfield by TP Keane

“One is never too old for fairy tales”: a quote by me. To stand by this, I bring you a review of the enchanting Dear Bob, The Misadventures of Petunia Pottersfield, kindly gifted to me by author TP Keane.

Petunia Pottersfield is a clumsy little fairy everybody tries to avoid due to her reputation as “The Jinx”. But, when the other fairies in Furrow Grave begin to act strange, it is up to Petunia to put things right – breaking the most sacred fairy rules along the way.

I loved Petunia from the start! She was so relatable and reminded me of myself as a child: clumsy and doesn’t like standing out. She also doesn’t have any friends, which prompts her mother to give her a diary to write in, a makeshift friend, you could say.

I hate to be the one to give spoilers but Petunia does overcome much of her self-doubt through the course of the book and also makes some great friends. OK, most of you will think there is nothing new to this story but, for a lonely child, this could be the perfect gift to show that they are not alone and things do change.

The diary entry format of this book was a nice touch. It allowed Keane to get to the point and move the story along at a much quicker pace than it could have been. This is not to say that it made the book any less exciting as much adventure was packed into the 100-and-odd pages. Additionally, the writing style was clear and easy, beneficial for readers just starting out on their own.

Overall, I would certainly recommend this book. For adults and children alike, it is a beautiful story of overcoming loneliness and learning how to accept yourself.

I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The book was officially launched on Sep 29th via e-book, paperback, and audible on Amazon and will be part of Kindle Unlimited. 

Dear Bob, The Misadventures of Petunia Pottersfield by TP Keane
Dear Bob, The Misadventures of Petunia Pottersfield by TP Keane

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