Who Else Thinks Online Shopping Sucks?

When I ask this question, I mean clothes shopping. Luckily, Amazon has not let me down yet.

Everyday this week, fashion brands have been plauging me with emails announcing their mid-season sale. The fool that I am, I am easily sucked in by these emails and hours have been lost browsing the web. Every so often, I fill my basket with things to buy, and then I abandon it. Why? Because deep down, I know that online shopping is not as fun as it seems.

Does anybody actually enjoy online shopping? I mean, I do indulge from time to time, but I find it more stressful than it is worth. There has been more times than one when I make an order, only for it to be cancelled again due to stock issues. Or, there are times when I am browsing a site to see many beautiful items I want being advertised although they are not in stock (*ahem* Topshop *ahem*).

And what about those times where stores just send you something completely different to what you ordered. If this were to happen to me without free returns I would absolutely blow a fuse. However, the absolute worst is when you receive your order and find the most horrible, see-through, cheap fabric.

Give me walking around a busy high street on a Saturday anyday! Being able to instantly spot the good from the bad 100 metres away, and the joy of knowing the clothes fit after a quick jaunt to the dressing room, rather than a 5-day wait. And best of all, spending my hard-earned money and receiving my items instantly, going home with a content smile on my face. Long live old fashioned shopping!

KaDeWe Department Store, Berlin. Photo by Gerhard Kemme via FlickrCC



  1. I could not agree more . I am tired of getting the wrong articles, non delivery, delayed refunds and junk basically.
    The problem has been made worse by the rise of of chinese sites which don’t make it clear they are shipping from China. When rubbish arrives, if it actually does, you can’t get a refund because you have to pay for inward shipping and outward returns if you want to return. The Chinese know this and are exploiting it. This is nonsense. Why is the British Government allowing this and why are they seeking even more trade with China?
    I have received the most appaling products from China including a poorly made copy of a coat. It is clear the product is not the one advertised. The companies are unscrupulous and offer terrible customer service. Only Amazon deal with them with any success. Beware Beautifulhalo.com. Despite its westwern sounding name it is the worst site ever to which the reviews attest.

    The internet has become a free for all with a rise in poor trade practice. I like you am returning to the shops .

  2. Online shopping sucks because they can take your money out of your account but when you cancel it takes days to get your money back also not enough human support or the product is so crappy you have wasted your time and is it worth it to send it back prob not worth time it takes to get refund

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