Who Else Thinks Online Shopping Sucks?

When I ask this question, I mean clothes shopping. Luckily, Amazon has not let me down yet.

Everyday this week, fashion brands have been plauging me with emails announcing their mid-season sale. The fool that I am, I am easily sucked in by these emails and hours have been lost browsing the web. Every so often, I fill my basket with things to buy, and then I abandon it. Why? Because deep down, I know that online shopping is not as fun as it seems.

Does anybody actually enjoy online shopping? I mean, I do indulge from time to time, but I find it more stressful than it is worth. There has been more times than one when I make an order, only for it to be cancelled again due to stock issues. Or, there are times when I am browsing a site to see many beautiful items I want being advertised although they are not in stock (*ahem* Topshop *ahem*).

And what about those times where stores just send you something completely different to what you ordered. If this were to happen to me without free returns I would absolutely blow a fuse. However, the absolute worst is when you receive your order and find the most horrible, see-through, cheap fabric.

Give me walking around a busy high street on a Saturday anyday! Being able to instantly spot the good from the bad 100 metres away, and the joy of knowing the clothes fit after a quick jaunt to the dressing room, rather than a 5-day wait. And best of all, spending my hard-earned money and receiving my items instantly, going home with a content smile on my face. Long live old fashioned shopping!

KaDeWe Department Store, Berlin. Photo by Gerhard Kemme via FlickrCC



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