Blogging and I, We Had a Problem

My oh my, it has been a long time since I have posted here. For someone who was really dedicated to the cause of blogging, I spent an equal amount of time wondering why I couldn’t get my mojo back and begin tapping those keys again. But today it finally hit me. I wasn’t writing what I loved; I wasn’t writing from the heart. I was writing to try and kickstart a career as some kind of author and that led me to write posts that were popular in the blogging sphere (make up reviews. clothing hauls, etc.) but didn’t “feel like me”. I thought I was stressed from life’s usual trials and tribulations and I just needed a break to recharge. Actually, my subconscious had come to the realization before I did that I wasn’t enjoying writing becuase I wasn’t writing what I loved anymore.

Now I have another deliberation. What do I do with this blog? Read any authoritive piece on blogging and they will tell you your blog needs a niche. Can my niche be rambling about whatever comes to my head? Of should I pick just one topic I am passionate about? Who knows – I certainly don’t write now. So, bare with me. I know that Joyful Antidotes needs a makeover, I just don’t know if it will be 90s grunge or 50s chic.

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