6 Things To Do This Autumn/Winter

Some people have begun slowly retreating themselves inside, like reverse vampires, now that autumn is here and winter is fast approaching. While you won’t find me running around outside in -5 weather, you also won’t see me spending my time moaning until Spring arrives. Autumn/Winter can be good for you too if you let it. Here are 6 things you can do to perk yourself up!

Rehaul your wardrobe. Throw out anything you haven’t worn in a couple of months and use the space to build the wardrobe you want. A new season is always the best time to give yourself the makeover you’ve been thinking about for ages.

Take advantage of the dark nights. No doubt Netflix will feature high on your agenda but also put some time aside to read the books you always wanted to, learn a new language or take up a new hobby.

Enjoy nature. The sun always draws us outside but autumn and winter have a lot to offer too. You are never too old to crunch in the fallen leaves or build a snowman. Take some Instagram snaps to document the changing seasons – send them to your friends so they can also appreciate the beauty.

Berlin in Autumn
Berlin in Autumn

Crunch leaves. This is something I will never grow out of. This and snow, which also makes an appearance this time of year. Although, it has been very warm for November, do you agree?

Make someone smile. Christmas is the season of goodwill, so why not spread some of your own. There are some people who do not enjoy the season for personal reasons. Make someone smile this year. No doubt even a simple gesture will be appreciated and believe me, it will bring you much more satisfaction than any present can.

Get yourself that gym membership. Most of you will have this in mind as a New Year’s Resolution, but there is no time like the present. The gym is dry and warm and you will look rocking by the time the sun shows it rays again.

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