Collective Autumn Haul

It feels like such a long time since I published anything here. I have been so busy, which of course meant that the time has gone nowhere, and I have found myself more tired than usual. While relaxing has been nice, I missed Joyful Antidotes and have made a vow to myself to get back into my regular posting schedule. I am going to start things nice and easy with a collective haul, a favourite post of everyone.


Gryffindor Tracksuit Pants - €13
Gryffindor Tracksuit Pants – €13
Black Cardigan - €16
Black Cardigan – €16


Black Faux Suede and Leather Skirt
Black Faux Suede and Leather Skirt
White Lace Long-sleeve Top - €7
White Lace Long-sleeve Top – €7
Check Skater Dress - €20
Check Skater Dress – €20


Floral Skater Dress - €5.99
Floral Skater Dress – €5.99


Floral 70s Style Dress - €34
Floral 70s Style Dress – €34


Tie Dye T-Shirt - €14
Tie Dye T-Shirt – €14

Pull and Bear

Orange Cord Skirt - €15.99
Orange Cord Skirt – €15.99
Burgundy Knit Jumper - €35.99
Burgundy Knit Jumper – €35.99
Burgundy Tracksuit Pants - €15.99
Burgundy Tracksuit Pants – €15.99


Beanie Hats - €2 each
Beanie Hats – €2 each

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