Gaining Confidence in September

Last month’s confidence post was such a hit that I just had to make it into a series of some sort. Admittedly, I was nervous publishing the first post as I wrongly presumed that people would just see me as pathetic. However, things went the opposite way and I actually ended up overwhelmed by the amount of support from everyone. Last month I wasn’t so hot confidence-wise, but there were some things I was proud of and felt the need to share, if only for the reason to remind people that no step is too small. Again, please feel free to share any steps you have made recently in the comments section.

I managed to head my first team meeting without stumbling over my words too much.

I set up an appointment for the doctor without apologizing for my bad German.

As a follow on from last month, I managed to wear some of my most daring lipsticks to work. Hello, Mac Heroin!

I went and had boots which were waiting around for a year to get reheeled (I was too afraid before as it meant speaking about a new topic in German).

MAC lipstick and lip liner in 'Heroine'
MAC lipstick and lip liner in ‘Heroine’ –

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