Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe

Berlin is a food lover’s dream. Not only is there a plentitude of restaurants, fast food outlets and cafes, the city boasts cuisines from all over the world, and prices which allow everybody to dine out.

I am not ashamed to admit that I eat out at least twice a week. It is affordable and tasty so why not allow myself such a treat? However, after getting a promotion at work, I decided something a little more ‘fancy’ was in order.

The Hard Rock Cafe is not a place which most would define as fancy, but I am going to put it in that category for the sake of this post as it is on the more expensive side of Berlin restaurants. For this reason, I avoided the place for over four years. Eventually, I was drawn in.

Hard Rock Cafe Berlin
Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

The Berlin branch of the famous restaurant chain boasts on prime position on Kurfurstendamm. It tends to fill up pretty fast, particularly at the weekends, so we were a bit sneaky and went at 6pm on a Saturday. This certainly paid off when we were shown to a terrace seat overlooking the elegant boulevard.

The menu at the Hard Rock Cafe is pretty impressive, even more so as it offers dishes that I have yet to come across in Berlin. Naturally, I choose the battered shrimp as this is my go-to dish any time I can find it. There were some other fish dishes which looked nice, as well as some appealing vegetarian options. My partner in restaurant crime opted for the pulled chicken burger. Both dishes were accompanied by fries and coleslaw, and we topped the entire thing off with some Frank’s Hot Sauce. Not one complaint was made as we stuffed our faces.

Battered shrimp at the Hard Rock Cafe
Battered shrimp at the Hard Rock Cafe
Pulled chicken burger at the Hard Rock Cafe
Pulled chicken burger at the Hard Rock Cafe

As it was a special occasion, a dessert was in order. I got the chocolate volcano cake and every mouthful was like heaven.

Chocolate volcano cake at the Hard Rock Cafe
Chocolate volcano cake at the Hard Rock Cafe

The service at the Hard Rock Cafe was excellent. Each server had their own part to play and I found them efficient, polite and helpful. There was no waiting around and I appreciated how cheerful they are.

Our total bill for the food mentioned, as well as a large beer and a large Pepsi, was €50 with a tip. Many people will view this a bit on the pricey side, and it is for Berlin. However, if you are looking for an American experience and some more uncommon dishes, the Hard Rock Cafe is the place for you.


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