How I Maintain a Healthy Weight

After months of improving my lifestyle and getting to a weight I am comfortable with, I thought it was finally time for me to write this post. The title is a massive spoiler and needs no explanation, so let’s jump right in!

Find out what your healthy weight is. Most people seem to think that there is one exact number they should be hitting on the scales, so you may be surprised to know that you actually have a rather good range to work with. Find out what your healthy weight range is by using a BMI calendar. This will also help you set a minimum and maximum weight for yourself.

Keep a good energy balance. Firstly, use an app like My Fitness Pal to determine how many calories you should eat a day in order to maintain your weight. Once you find out that number, ensure everyday that only the amount of calories you need are entering your body. Of course, it will be necessary to eat more calories if you exercise each day, but only eat enough extra to ensure a good energy balance.

Rowing in Tiergarten
Enjoy a fun yet relaxing activity like rowing to keep in shape.

Eat often. I was really skeptical in the past when I read tips suggesting to eat often throughout the day. I wondered “how the hell can I do this without consuming way more calories than needed”? However, I found eating three healthy meals and two snacks rather than three large meals helped very much. Not allowing myself to go too long between eating helped me to stop overindulging at meals and also helped my metabolism to keep ticking along.

Keep yourself motivated. If you have recently changed from a very unhealthy lifestyle (like I did), it is very easy to slip back into old habits. Ask your friends and family to help keep you in the game by not tempting you with fast food and the like. It is also worthwhile to set up an inspiration board or follow some people experiencing the same journey as you on Instagram.

Quick salads like this are the types of meals I like to eat now.

Be prepared. The more you prepare your daily meals, the less chance you have of overindulging in junk. Do a healthy shop once a week and plan your meals around what you buy. It also helps to shop with a list and some meals in mind. You should also food shop on a full stomach or you are most likely to buy processed, fatty foods. Prepare big batches of food to keep in the fridge or throw in the freezer so you have something healthy and quick to reach for. Bring you lunch and snacks to work and leave your purse at home so you are not tempted to ditch nutritious food for a quick stop at McDonalds.

Always have a breakfast. After years of defying this golden rule, I finally wised up to just how important it is. Setting yourself up for a good day is sure to keep you on track over the course of 24 hours. Choose a healthy breakfast with the nutrients to fill you up for the day to avoid crashing at 10pm. My favourites are Weetabix, avocado or eggs.

Egg and tomato – such a yummy breakfast!

These are just some of the things I do to keep myself in good shape and at a healthy weight. I am by no means perfect and am always looking for things I could do better so leave your tips in the comments below!


  1. I totally agree with you! I was getting healthier by actually eating more, I ate a lot less rubbish I think although I still have a super bad habit of needing snacks allll the time xxx

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