Beauty Review: Nivea Aftershave Balm Primer

I have been sitting on this blog post for a number of weeks now, simply because I wanted to give the product a real go before publishing my honest opinion.

Most you will probably heard of, and even tried, the Nivea Aftershave Balm as a primer by now as the tip has been floating around the blogosphere for some months. After trying several primers in the past which never truly fulfilled my needs, I was skeptical of the claims bloggers were making about this ‘wonder product’. There was only one way to find out if the rumours were true and I went out and bought a bottle for myself.


Nivea is a native of Germany so luckily for me I was able to pick up a bottle of the balm for little more that €3 at Rossmann. The bottle is a pretty decent size and has already lasted a month, and that is with use practically every day. I have used it with both the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and Clinique Repairwear. Both foundations lasted much longer than usual when applied over the balm. After a complete working day, or a weekend day spent walking, shopping, etc, my make up is still as good as when I put it on in the morning. Everything stays in place and all I suffer from is a little bit of fall off on the nose (makeup never sticks to my nose no matter what I do so I am more than happy to experience just a little fall off).

The aftershave balm applies smoothly and evenly and actually helps to apply the foundation in the same manner. One thing I do recommend is only using a little if the product. A little goes a long way and you will find out this once applying it to your face. I applied too much on my first application and although it kept my foundation in place, oil did come through leaving me with a more shiny face than I wanted.

Overall, this is a great alternative to expensive primers. It does exactly what a primer should so and is an extremely affordable price.

Have you tried the Nivea Aftershave Balm as a primer before? What did you think?


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