Recipe: Creamy Avocado and Feta Spaghetti

This is a bit of an impromptu blog post. I only decided I was going to write it as I was sitting down to eat so I just have one picture, which I hope won’t be a problem.

Anyway, the basis of this recipe came around a few days before I was due to go on holiday, and I was working out a way to throw together the random bits and pieces in my fridge. I had heard before of, although never tried, feta dips and wondered how it would work if an avocado was thrown into the mix. Hence, the creamy, cheesy avocado-y spaghetti was invented.


The recipe is pretty basic and includes the following ingredients:

olive oil
garlic powder
lemon juice

Cooking the spaghetti is done in the same old standard way.

For the sauce, take half a ripe avocado and about 30 grams of feta and place them in a food processor. Add as much salt, pepper, garlic and lemon juice as you like. You can also add as much olive oil as you desire but after some slight adjustments, I would recommend at least three tablespoons to make sure it has a smooth consistency. Blend the ingredients together until they are creamy and add them to the spaghetti. Volia! A very tasty meal which can be eaten either hot or cold.

I also added another half an avocado and a tomato chopped into small pieces on top in order to get those extra vitamins in.

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