My Take on Adult Colouring Books

I have finally had the chance to get in with something before it became mega trendy – adult colouring books.

Adult colouring books have experienced a boost in sales for over a year in many countries around the world. You probably will have noticed them popping up in more and more shops as their popularity rises as a form of stress relief. We all loved colouring as a child and due to the rise of this craze, we no longer have to pretend to help children colour in order to provide our own masterpiece.

I bought my first colouring book a couple of weeks ago on Amazon and fell in love with it immediately.

Look at the teddies. You can already tell I was a bit of a child anyway.
Look at the teddies. You can already tell I was a bit of a child anyway.

It includes a variety of different patterns, with a varying range of difficulty. Here are some of the pictures I have already completed.



I bought some Faber Castell colored pencils to go along with my book although, as the pictures are not printed back to back and the paper is thick, you could get away with using markers.


I love my colouring book and it certainly has allowed me to relax on stressful days. I whip it out for an hour a night and let my creative juices flow. Admittedly, I do get a bit stressed while colouring as I like to have my picture as perfect as possible, but overall it helps me drift away from my worries and a finish the day with a much calmer mind.

If you have already caught wind of this trend and we planning on jumping on the bandwagon, go for it! This simple book has done wonders for my stress levels and no doubt I will be purchasing many more.


  1. I have been doing this for many years. Amazon does have some great books with varying degrees of complexity. I use colored pencils and really like the Prismacolor pencils. I need to try the gel pens. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have been a coloring enthusiast for a long time so the craze about coloring books makes me a happy bunny! Its a great way to relax and have some “me time”

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