BODYPUMP™ Class. Photo by Army Medicine via FlickrCC.

What is it?

BODYPUMP™ is a cardio-strength Les Mills programme based around weightlifting. The class is broken into eight parts which target different muscle groups, and include exercises such as squats, presses, dead lifts. BODYPUMP™ requires more equipment that other Les Mills classes: free weights-plates, floor mat, barbells and an aerobic step.

What does it do?

BODYPUMP™ is a great way to tone up and build muscle. The class also has a high calorie burn and is good for those wishing to lose weight.

Good for beginners?

This is a good choice for anybody looking for an introduction into weightlifting. A professional trainer runs the class and gives recommendations about what weight you should lift (depending on male or female) at the beginning of each exercise. The moves are easy to follow and it is not too difficult to keep pace. Just know your own limits before starting the class and don’t feel the need to keep up with everyone else.

What was my personal experience?

When I first started at the gym, I caught a glimpse of a BODYPUMP™ class and immediately thought ‘this is not for me’. But one day I was convinced to go along with a friend. I hated it. It was much too hard and I felt absolutely idiotic in the class so I decided not to go back ever again. However, when I decided that I wanted a class that had more of a toning effect, I took it back up again. This time I took the advice which I give in the paragraph above: I discovered what my limits were and stuck to them. I used the lowest weights possible and wasn’t embarrassed about it at all. Eventually, I built up my strength level and have actually made it into the range recommended by the trainer.

One other aspect that put me off after my initial class was the pain I felt the next day. Every muscle in my body was in agony. But as they say, no pain, no gain. It does get easier as you progress and now I am seeing results without as much pain. One other unexpected positive was how BODYPUMP™ helps me against tight muscles. I work at a computer all day and often experienced knots around my neck and shoulders. I haven’t felt any since I started taking BODYPUMP™ classes regularly and certainly attribute it to the class.

Are you a fan of BODYPUMP™? Or BODYBALANCE™, my other favourite Les Mills class?

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