Blue Man Group Berlin

Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group. Photo by David Orban via FlickrCC.

After four years of living in Berlin, a little more than a week ago I finally had the pleasure of seeing the Blue Man Group at Potsdamer Platz. The fairly expensive cost of the tickets had put us off purchasing them every time the idea materialized, so we were lucky to get tickets at a reduced price from an ex-colleague.

Although I was eager to see the show for quite some time, I really didn’t know what to expect. In fact, even after finally getting myself to the theatre, I still couldn’t describe in one word what the Blue Man Group are about. It is hard to pinpoint them as anything specifically, my best guess would be something between drummers and sketch artists. As the name gives away, these were actually blue men, somewhat like aliens seeing the world for the first time. There was three of them, one leader, one smartass and one ‘idiot’ type, and they had a great interaction with each other.

Audience interaction is a big part of the show and includes everything from getting the audience to dance, to dragging people onstage to teepeeing the crowd. Don’t think you are safe at the back because they will climb over chairs to get at you, and even creep up behind you with an unsettling stare.

What brings the show together are the great special effects. Colourful lights and screen technology separate the Blue Man Group from any other stage show. The backing band are also worth a mention as they were absolutely fantastic.
If the Blue Man Group is something that you are considering seeing, I would say go for it. The tickets are a bit pricey but if you have money to spare it is worth it. Come back here and let me know how you enjoyed it!

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