A Day Out in Leipzig

Many people will tell you that Berlin is not Germany and they are correct in saying so. The capital has a completely different lifestyle and way of living than any other German city, perhaps largely due to its vast multiculturalism. So, after four years living here, I thought it was high time I discovered more of what ‘real Germany’ looks like.

Two weeks ago I travelled to Leipzig for the day, a former East German city conveniently located just 1 hour 15 minutes from Berlin by train. The main intention was to visit the zoo (post coming soon), but with a few hours to spare, a tour of the city was in order.

Leipzig is a compact city and easy to walk around quickly to get an impression of the city. I didn’t enter any of the fabulous museums they have there, but I did manage to get some nice snaps of the streets.


One place I did take the time to enter was St. Thomas Church most famous as the place where Johann Sebastian Bach worked as a Kapellmeister, and as the current location of his remains.


I couldn’t help but add a picture of these adorable dogs.


I also travelled to Cologne last year for the Christmas markets. Check out my pictures here!


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