What I’ve Been Eating

I honestly feel like I spend 80% of my time thinking about food. I plan during the week where I would like to eat dinner at the weekend, ask what I will be having for dinner when I am only eating breakfast, and spend way too much time looking up menus and recipes online. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that some of my favourite blog posts are ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ and the like.

Although there is not much new that I can offer the world of food blogging, I thought I would incorporate some ‘what I ate’ posts into Joyful Antidotes. I will not stick to any particular day, and will instead compile some pictures over a week or so of the tasty things I have eaten. Besides being a pescetarian, I don’t make a claim on any other type of diet i.e. gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. Nor do I claim to be an overly healthy person. I just hope that you can appreciate these posts for what they are –  a bit of fun – and maybe get some meal inspiration like I do from so many others.

Homemade chips and curry with spinach and feta borek.
Homemade chips and curry with spinach and feta borek.

Homemade chips and curry sauce are my ultimate comfort food and are sure to cheer me up no matter the problem. I paired this truckload of starchy goodness with some spinach and feta borek. I didn’t make the borek this time, but you can see my recipe here.

Fried egg and cherry tomato.
Fried egg and cherry tomato.

Eggs are my go to breakfast, lunch or dinner in times when inspiration is waning. Here, I tried fried tomatoes for the first time. Not so bad, although a little bit sweet for my liking.

Homemade potato and broccoli soup.
Homemade potato and broccoli soup.

I am a big fan of throwing together dishes with the bits and pieces I find in the kitchen. This was a tasty potato and broccoli soup.

Salmon lasagne and mixed salad.
Salmon lasagne and mixed salad.

I also have days when I am extremely lazy. This was a ready made salmon lasagne from Edeka. It was a good way of getting some extra protein into me, but was slightly too fishy (the fact that it was salmon based should have given that away). I had some crispy salad with it to make a more fresh meal.

Quorn sausages.
Quorn sausages.

This was my first time tasting Quorn sausages – Quorn anything actually as the brand is not common in Berlin. I really liked them and would certainly have them again.

What have you been eating lately? Any recommendations for me to add more salads to my life?


8 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Eating

    1. Same! My Instagram is taken over by food accounts. I used to love chips and lasagne too but it is hard to find a nice vegetarian one. Plenty of mayonnaise perfects it 🙂

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