Sundays in Mauerpark: Berlin’s Top Flea Market

Do you know how I know that summer is well and truly on its way to Berlin? The U-Bahn station near my apartment becomes a lot more busy on a Sunday with people passing through on their way to Mauerpark.

If you have visited Berlin before, you most likely have heard about Mauerpark as it appears in most guides to the city. If you live in Berlin, well, there really isn’t a chance to avoid the place. It is one of THE hangout spots in Berlin at the weekend. It has a large, green area perfect for barbecuing, drinking a few beers, playing sport or just hanging out to top up your tan. It also offers a free karaoke show every Sunday (arranged by Bearpit Karaoke), as well as the most popular flea market in Berlin.

The flea market is my favourite thing about Mauerpark and the main reason I drag myself over there at 9am every few Sundays or so. The many stalls in the park are mostly taken up by private sellers looking to flog some of their old belongings. It is possible to find some real good treasures here, once you have the patience to rummage through some crap to get there. Not everything on sale in Mauerpark is secondhand and some really cool, small companies often set themselves up here to sell funky t-shirts, bags, stationery, etc. There also some really great food trucks which, of course, are my favourite part of the whole market.

There is not much else to really say about Mauerpark other than that it is a really cool place to spend some time in Berlin. Some words of advice: it is always best to arrive early here, whether it be to browse the stalls without getting trampled on, get a shaded spot for the karaoke, or enough space to lie in the sun. Get a better feel for the place by taking a look at my pictures below.

These guys sold some of the best chips I ever had in Berlin (see picture below).


Even dogs like to get in on the sales!
Token TV Tower picture!
Tasty Turkish food!
Fried wrap with rucola, tomato and feta.



    1. I never really get anything there either, but I still go to look. Someday I might find my fortune there! Those chips were amazing. I really need to go and get some soon.

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