Restaurant Review: Irish Harp

I am surprised that it has taken me so long to write about the Irish Harp considering it has been a firm favourite since I moved to Berlin four years ago. I guess every other time I went, I was too caught up in the delicious food to even stop to breathe, let alone take a picture. But I couldn’t keep the place to myself much longer now, could I?

The Irish Harp is located in Charlottenburg on the west side of Berlin. When I used to live in the area, I was guaranteed to visit there at least twice a month. These days, I have a longer trek over, but I still manage to eat there every few weeks or so. Yes, the journey is worth the food which is the main reason I love the place so much.

Irish Harp Bar
Irish Harp Bar, Berlin.

The menu is what I would consider a mix of German and Irish food. So you can choose from Irish stew and fish and chips, or schnitzel and the local’s favourite, currywurst. There are also some decent vegetarian options in the form of burgers, pasta and salad, as well as a monthly seasonal menu. Whenever I go to the Irish Harp, I am lured by the fish and chips which is the closest you can get to home in the city. The batter is thick and perfectly cooked, the chips are thick and crispy, and the addition of malt vinegar rounds things off perfectly.

Fish and chips
Fish and chips at the Irish Harp, Berlin.

I used to also eat at the Irish Harp before I became a pescatarian, and therefore can vouch for some of their meat dishes. Any of the burgers are a good choice. Let’s just say, there is a lot of eating in them. However, I did have a favourite which was the Irish breakfast.

Here is a picture of the breakfast ordered by my eating partner in crime:

Full Irish breakfast
Full Irish breakfast at the Irish Harp, Berlin.

It is a meal and a half, but well worth the struggle it takes to walk afterwards. Between the both of us, we have ordered the full Irish more times than I can remember. Each time was as delicious as the last and consisted of Irish sourced products. That was until the breakfast above. Those with an eagle eye will spot blutwurst on the plate instead of pudding. I hope that this is not a lasting change as, in my opinion, having pudding from home was its key feature.

The Irish Harp is also a good place to go to socialize and have a drink. The staff are very friendly and always have been more than helpful to us each time we are there. You can check their calender online to see which nights they have live music, a table quiz or are showing international football matches.

Terrace at the Irish Harp
Large terrace outside the Irish Harp, Berlin.

Overall, I am a huge fan of the Irish Harp. It will be almost impossible to knock it out of my top five for the best grub in Berlin. I highly recommend going here if you find yourself in town. Leave a comment below if you do and tell me what you thought!


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