Beauty Review: InstaNatural Rose Water Facial Toner and Organic Argan Oil

InstaNatural kindly offered to send me some more of their products to try and after the success of their eye gel, I thought ‘why the hell not?’ I wanted to choose two products which would help with my problem areas at the moment – my hair and skin. This led me to the Rose Water Facial Toner and the Organic Argan Oil.

InstaNatural Rose Water Toner

Rose Water Facial Toner
100% Pure, Natural Moroccan Rose Water Ultimate Facial Toner by InstaNatural

I had heard some great things about rose water, but it was never a product that I ever really used. However, given the chance to use a version which had no chemicals, preservatives or artificial fragrances, I jumped at the chance.

The product claims that it is suitable for all skin types, but past experience has made me become wary of such statements. I am happy to say, however, that the rose water did indeed work well with my skin and was not the cause of any breakouts, a common occurrence when I try a new product. After a few days of applying the rose water to my face, I noticed a difference in my skin. It had become softer. I also found the toner to have a calming effect on my skin, particularly in those instances where I was forced to use wipes to remove my make up. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a reduction in redness by using this product but I think there is nothing in existence which will even my skin tone. Nevertheless, and satisfyingly enough, it did help with closing my pores. In addition, the product has a beautiful smell, and sinks in quite fast to the face meaning that moisture can be applied pretty quickly if in a rush.

InstaNatural Organic Argan Oil

Argan Oil
100% Pure, Certified Organic Argan Oil by InstaNatural

The organic argan oil from InstaNatural is another 100% pure product with no fillers, binders or artificial ingredients. I chose to use the oil solely on my hair, even though it is also suitable for facial application. This is because I didn’t want to use too many new products at once on my sensitive skin. Once a week, I apply the oil (a generous enough amount but a little does go a long way) to my hair and leave it in overnight. My hair is so silky the next day when I wash it out! I wouldn’t say that it has totally combated the frizziness of my hair, but it certainly has improved the condition and makes it feel much healthier.

What natural products have you been using lately?


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