Exercise: Bodybalance™

Exercise Quote
Exercise Quote. Photo via FlickrCC.

Bodybalance™ is basically a mixture of yoga, pilates and tai chi. The workout combines the most beneficial elements of each of the practices, which includes stretch routines, poses and meditation techniques. Each of the exercises are carried out to a playlist of modern music.

What does it do?

Bodybalance™ is a great workout for those who wish to improve their core strength and flexibility. It also helps gain controlled breathing, as well relieve stress and relax the mind.

Good for beginners?

Yes, it is not a very complex workout at all and consists of sequences of simple moves. While the moves are not too much of a struggle to begin with, they get easier over time. Even though the class is modeled as a stress reliever, you do end up breaking a bit of a sweat and is therefore a good alternative to more hardcore classes.

What was my personal experience?

I first took interest in Bodybalance™ when I viewed the class taking place for a few minutes on a Sunday. I immediately thought that this was a class I should try, but was put off by the issue of not being flexible at all as I believed this fact would only lead to embarrassment, and possible injury, in the class. However, after reading more about it, I realised that this type of class was exactly what I was looking for, especially seeing that it helps with bad posture.

At my first class, I was surprised by just how much I was sweating. I was also quite nervous as I was convinced the moves would be much too complicated and that a twisted ankle or a broken body part was definitely on the cards. Thankfully, that prophecy proved to be false. As stated by Les Mills, the exercises are effective but simple. In fact, they can be made even simpler as the instructor provides alternatives to each move to make them suitable for varying levels. I found that by taking my time and following exactly the instructions provided, I became more confident in moving and the sequences seemed less of a problem.

I have been attending one Bodybalance™ class per week for the last couple of months and progress has definitely been made. I am certainly becoming stronger which has helped me with the other classes I take part in. By adding Bodybalance™ to my weekly routine, I have also noticed my body is becoming more toned slowly but surely, especially in the leg area. However, a true sign of my progress is how flexible I am becoming. Now, I can almost touch my toes which may seem like a small feat for some, but is a massive achievement for me. Overall, Bodybalance™ is a good end to my weekend before the working week starts again.

Have you tried Bodybalance™ before? What did you think of it?


  1. I hadn’t actually heard of this before but I am glad you shared it as I want to see if there’s one local to me now, i am not flexible at all and have such bad posture since a car accident so it sounds really good and breaking a sweat too, I prefer the sound of this to yucky cardio in the morning haha xxx

    1. It is def better than cardio. It doesn’t have a big calorie burn but if you are looking more for flexibility, toning and strength, it is a very good choice.

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