My New Dr. Martens Shoes!

These shoes may be the best thing that have happened to me in the last few weeks. Seriously. I really wanted to do a shoe unboxing to unveil their beauty to the world, but me pulling a tree worth of paper from their insides didn’t look half as good in picture as it would have in video.


I bought these online from Office (they have a new German website) at what I consider a bargainous price of €52 down from €130. Some may still consider the price expensive considering they are not a very versatile shoe, but having owned Dr. Martens in the past, I know that the quality and longevity of these would even have justified the paying the full price in the long run.


Although I was worried that the shoes would come up slightly big on my feet (which are quite narrow), I found that my normal size of UK5/EU38 was true to size. They fit perfectly in length and there was no gaping at the sides.


I haven’t worn these much yet so I can’t provide a very thorough review, but from past experiences, I can claim that the sole would probably need a grinder to wear it down, and the paint does not crack. One thing I would advise you to be weary about is that Dr. Martens do need a couple of wears to break them in. Your feet may take a bit of a battering the first time or two, but following that they are really comfortable.


If you are interested in purchasing these shoes, I believe there are a few pairs still left. If not these, I certainly recommend purchasing a pair of Dr. Martens in general – you won’t regret it!


  1. OMG super jealous they are perfect I will go to the shop in brighton next week now I think, i agree they batter your feet first don’t they OUCH and then it’s all ok!!! x

    1. I have been getting a few odd stares with the bright colours but I love them so much. They will be glued to my feet all summer ha. Hopefully they have some in your size in stock.

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