Restaurant Review: Chutnify

Since reading the review of Chutnify over on Berlin Food Stories, I had been eager to try this new wave of Indian food in Berlin myself. Then, I heard some bad stories about the place and I pushed it further down my list of restaurants which desperately need to be tried. Nevertheless, just a few weeks ago, I found myself heading for dinner there anyway, and boy was I glad I did.


The decor of Chutnify is pretty funky. I have never been to India so cannot comment on its authenticity, but I felt that it looked exactly how a hip Indian restaurant in Berlin should. It is a fairly small restaurant with a cosy atmosphere and rich colour everywhere. We were seated tucked away in a nice corner seat and I could see many people coming in and out looking for free tables which just weren’t available. Lesson to anybody hoping to eat here: book a table using their online reservation system or you could end up disappointed.


Naturally, I ordered the dosa. A dosa is simply a crepe like creation made from rice batter and red lentils. Several choices of filling are offered on the menu, but of course, I choose the potato option. Other ‘non-dosa’ dishes can be ordered, but this is really not the place for a curry (as confirmed by a friend who actually ordered one).


Like most Indian food in Berlin, the dosa was not spicy, at least not for my taste buds. However, it was packed full of flavour. I found the portion size to be quite generous and it came with some salad, lentil curry and various chutneys dished out in small side bowls. Some chili concoction called the ‘Chutnifyer’ is placed on the table for those who wish to spice things up. The dosa was a new dining experience for me, and left me feeling full and satisfied.


The only negative aspect of Chutnify that I would agree with other reviewers upon was the service. Two waitresses were working that evening. They were friendly and helpful but completely run off their feet. When we sat down to eat at 18:30, the restaurant was fairly empty so our order was taken almost immediately and our food served pretty quickly. However, one hour later when it came to ordering more drinks and paying the bill, we felt forgotten about. I never had such as issue handing over my money somewhere.

Overall, I very much enjoyed eating at Chutnify. It was different from the other Indian restaurants I have eaten at before, and is a place I will most likely visit again.

What are your favorite Indian restaurants in Berlin? Can you recommend anywhere spicy to me?

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  1. It sounds absolutely yummy and I love the decor that really makes it or breaks it for me, have to say though if there is bad service whether or not that’s rudeness or because they are busy it becomes neglectful I really do hate that it’s one of my bug bears. Still want to go when I come visit though xx

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