Ritter Osterfest Spandau

On the 26th of this month (April), I will be living in Berlin for 4 years. I know this is such a cliché term but seriously, where did the time go? As generally happens when you live in a place for a prolonged period of time, I found myself becoming too comfortable in Berlin and not truly making the most of what this amazing city has to offer. I have been wanting to get out of that rut for some time now and decided that Easter weekend and a visit to the Ritter Osterfest Spandau was as good a start as any.

The Ritter Osterfest Spandau takes places every year at the Zitadelle Spandau and is basically a ‘knights’ festival. Once you walk through the gates of the Zitadelle, you are basically taken back in time to the 16th century as it grounds are bustling with many market people, knights, fakirs, jesters and dancers.




There were a band playing some really good music relevant to the time. They were also lined up to play some Irish folk music but unfortunately I had left before then.


In my opinion, the best entertainment of the day was the competition between the knights, which was made all the better by the inclusion of four beautiful horses. They threw some axes, knocked some cans and had a fake duel, all to the delight of the crowd – the adults were even as excited as the children!


Last but certainly not least, there was plenty of delicious food. I had expected there to just be one hundred and one sausage stands which can often be the case at German festivals, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was hard to choose what I wanted with so many options available, so of course I could not just settle with one thing. I had some garlic bread which was smelly but absolutely delicious, a massive bun that I am afraid I do not know the name of, and so potato wedges which were not pictured but really need no explanation.


All in all, I had a really nice day. The sun was shining, the crowd were happy and it was a new experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. My day out encouraged me to attend more things in Berlin and I will be scouring the ‘What’s On’ pages each week, especially as the weather continues to improve.

What did you get up to over Easter?

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  1. OMG this sounds like so much fun, the only resemblance to this is when I’ve visited US and gone to see jousting and eaten the banquet meal haha but this is one another level looks so good x

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