A Day Out in Camden Town

Every time I visit London, I try to see a bit more of the vast city, and two weeks ago I spent a day hanging out in Camden Town. I am a massive market fan so this was right up my street, from the quirky stalls to the delicious food stands. I made an attempt to document my day in photos as best I could, and I hope that they emphasis what a great place Camden is. Possibly not, but take my word for it, it is certainly worth the time and effort to make the journey there.


Being an early bird can sometimes be a pain, especially when you turn up somewhere at 9:15 am and nowhere opens until 10 am. No fear! There are plenty of little coffee shops around for a hot drink and a quick bite to eat. I had a vegetarian sausage sandwich and a glass of orange juice at Inhabitation Coffee Shop.

Breakfast at Inhabitation Coffee Shop.

Shopping at Camden Market

There are so many stalls and shops to look at around Camden, visitors to the area should be sure to have a few hours free to look around. Camden is not the place for high street shopping (although there are a few familiar shops on the surrounding streets), but a place to find alternative clothing, funky art and some knick knacks that cannot be found elsewhere. The buildings in which the stalls themselves are placed in are also pretty impressive as many of them are part of old stables. To see what I picked up at Camden, click here. Unfortunately, at least for the sake of this post, many stall owners do not allow photographs, but here is a small selection of what is on offer.












Eating at Camden 

Of course, the food was the best thing about Camden Market. There were so many mouth-watering dishes to try, but not enough room in my belly to fit everything I wanted. I eventually chose  jerk veggie bean patty from Mama’s Jerk Station which I have been thinking about ever since. A cheeky bottle of Camden Hells Lager washed everything down.



My tasty jerk veggie bean patty wrap – complete with salad, plaintain and mango mayonnaise!







Have you visited Camden Town before? Is there anything you can recommend for my next trip there?

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