Why I Admire….Kylie Minogue

It has been quite some time since I have written an ‘Why I Admire….’ post. I guess there was nobody who really stood out for me since I wrote my post on Taylor Swift. However, a trip down memory lane to the upbeat music of Kylie Minogue reminded me just how much admiration I have for her. Whether you like her music or not is a minor detail. Kylie is a good role model and an influential woman. Let me tell you why.

She is a survivor. While some people may have forgotten about this dark time in her life, Kylie fought and won breast cancer following her diagnosis back in 2015. One can only imagine how awful it must have been for her to have this chapter of her life spread across newspapers, but she handled the situation with dignity and class and maintained a positive attitude throughout.

She has a great personality. It is rare to come across a celebrity who has enjoyed such a long and successful career as Kylie, but has managed to remain down to earth. I find her really endearing to watch when interviewed due to her sweet and wholesome attitude. Living a clean life is nothing to be ashamed of and I am glad there is a public figure out there who projects this.

She is career driven and ambitious. Again, Kylie is enjoying a very long and successful career, something which can be almost considered rare in an age where many become famous for doing nothing in particular. This is not easy and I think one of the main reasons why Kylie’s success has continued is her ability to reinvent herself and be relevant in the present day. This type of attitude I consider to be an inspiration no matter what type of career you are embarking on.

She is very talented. While her voice cannot be ranked with the likes of Mariah and Whitney, she is a very talented performer in her own right. Not only has she transformed her image numerous times, she has also adjusted her music style to fit into a number of different genres which is an example of true talent.

She shows that one can be famous and have a private life. This can be brought back again to the fact that Kylie is one classy lady. It is often considered that as a celebrity it is almost impossible to keep your business out of the tabloids. However, as far as my brain can recall, we never read any scandalous news about Kylie, going to show that one can keep personal matters private. Such a conscious effort to do so is something I feel should be taken on board in all our lives to combat this strong urge to overshare on social media.

What do you think of Kylie Minogue? Do you like her? Or do you have another role model?


  1. I do like kylie and think that she is very brave after everythings shes been through and then come back into the limelight looking more fabulous than ever, I love her songs! xxx

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