My Top 5 Forgotten Albums

I think this is the first music related post I have written in a while! I normally tend to veer away from music themed posts as they are really not my forte, but while listening to Spotify the other day, an idea sprung to mind and I couldn’t help but throw this post together.

Many of my teenage days were spent locked in my room listening to music. Like many other teenagers, music was a form of escape from the trials and tribulations that come hand in hand with teenage life. Considering the amount of time I spent listening to CDs (so old school) each day, one would think that my taste in music would have expanded, even if ever so slightly. Nope, I still love the same pop/chart music I did when I was 15 – just a newer version. The ‘Discover’ section of Spotify threw some gems at me the other day and put a grin on my face as I listened to some albums long forgotten. Let me take you on a trip down memory lane as I reminisce my top 5 albums I have forgotten in my state of old age.

Fergie – The Dutchess

Fergie was about as ‘edgy’ as I got back in the day, that is, without pretending I liked something for the sake of my peers. The Dutchess is probably the only album on my list where my favourite track was not released as a single. (Apologies for the poor video quality. Germany blocks all the good ones).

The Pussycat Dolls – PCD

Probably one of the most fabricated groups there ever was, I had a real soft spot for The Pussycat Dolls. There was just something about this album that made me feel independent, strong, confident and sexy. I wanted to get dressed up to the nines and shimmy all not long to their hits (thankfully they came about when I was 18 so I could actually do this).

Christina Aguilera  – Stripped

This was one of very few albums where I can honestly say that I liked every song on the track list. I can also safely list it as one of my favourite albums of all time. Christina Aguilera had attitude and I loved it. No doubt Stripped helped many a young girl find their footing in life, or at the very least, helped them to realise just how special and worthwhile they were.

Jennifer Lopez – J.Lo

For some reason, which I am still confused about, I had to purchase the new Jennifer Lopez album whenever one came about. J.Lo was played very frequently in my cosy, little bedroom, yet I recognised that it was not a very good album – only the released songs were actually very good. Nevertheless, it pulled me in then and it still grabs me now.

Westlife – World Of Our Own

Any music list of mine would not be complete without an entry from Westlife, my ultimate favourite band from 1998 until forever. I could go on forever about the band so for more information about my love for them, click here. In meantime, after much deliberation, I would like to announce World of Our Own as my favourite Westlife album. Have a little singalong to ‘Uptown Girl’, why don’t you?

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