What I Am Giving Up For Lent

Lent is upon us again and I have spent the past few days deciding what I could give up this year. Religious or not, many people seem to partake in Lent. I think most people see it as a kick start to make a positive change in their lives, quite like New Years Eve. We can use these 40 days to kick a habit niggling away at us for a while now, hopefully in a way that the chosen habit is rid of for good.

Last year, I attempted to give up bread and failed miserably. I also recently purchased a panini press so I know I will have the same luck this year. Probably the only time I have been successful was when I decided to give up meat which you can read about here. Two years later and I am still a pescetarian.

This year, I am going to attempt to give up fizzy drinks. I originally announced on Twitter that I would just give up Coca Cola, but after reading this post, I think I will go the whole hog and cut out fizzy drinks in general. Admittedly, I don’t consume fizzy drinks that much, just at the weekends. Still, they are not good for you at any time, and the vain person inside of me wants to see if cutting them out altogether will have a positive effect on my skin.

It will be hard, but I determined. The biggest obstacles will be when I am tired because I don’t drink any hot drinks like coffee to give me a perk, and when  I go to London in March because I planned on drowning myself with Lucozade. Tune in 40 days from now to see how I got on.

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