How I Clean My Make Up Brushes

You can see from the pictures in this post that I have a pretty lame make up brush collection in comparison to others which you can find online. As a result, I am not the best person to provide tips on what make up brushes are the best, or how best to use them. One tip I can provide, however, is a good deep clean method for restoring make up brushes.

Below are a picture of my brushes which you can see are not really in the best state. But, by the end of this post I will have them looking squeaky clean.


I clean my brushes using a combination of washing up liquid and olive oil which I place on a clean surface and mix together. The washing up liquid is good for lifting the product from the bristles, while the olive oil keep the brush soft. Take one of the brushes and swirl it around in the mixture.


Rinse the brush under a cold tap. I recommend only using cold water as anything warmer may dissolve the glue holding the bristles together. Give the brush a light dab with some kitchen roll and place it somewhere to dry where the head has some air and won’t be squashed together. Repeat until all brushes are clean (you may want to mix together some more olive oil and washing up liquid depending on the size of your collection and how big your brushes are.


I purchased this make up holder in Tiger yesterday for just €3. I think it is mostly for holding lipstick and but I have stored my make up brushes in it instead. What do you think?



  1. Baby shampoo is great for it too! It’s gentle on the brushes.. Also I use a silicone oven glove when rubbing the brushes into the soap because it’s bumpy and tends to get those hard places in between the brush 😊x

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