Why I Admire….Taylor Swift

It has been ages since I wrote a ‘Why I Admire’ post, simply because there has been nobody who has really caught and kept my attention these past months. Then, a copy of ‘1989’ fell into my hands and I realised I have been harbouring a massive girl crush on Taylor Swift for some months now.

Taylor Swift is very much a Marmite kind of artist – you either hate or her love her. Admittedly, I was in the past on the borderline and could never truly establish how I felt about her. In the half-year, however, I really feel Ms. Swift has come into her own and here is why I have been loving her lately.

Taylor Swift 1989

– Her song lyrics, while some feel they can be sickly sweet, appeal to me. Fortunately, I haven’t had to endure many hardships in my life so simple songs about boys and love appeal to me. They make me feel that how I handled romance in my teenager years was not strange and loser-like as I though. I also like that she actually writes her own songs. If she can write chart-topping hits from issues that seem somewhat mundane, maybe there is hope for my semi-biographical stories after all.

– Another point about her song lyrics: while they are continuously criticized in the media due to the ongoing theme of ex-boyfriends. heartbreak, etc., she continues to write such songs. She knows what kind of artist she is and wants to be and she sticks to her guns regarding the music she releases.

– Besides the lyrics, her music overall is damn good. It is upbeat, beautiful sounding pop music and I love it.

– She doesn’t take herself too seriously. Taylor gets a lot of stick in the press about her personal life. At first, she was a whiny ol’ mare and complained about things often. But with ‘1989’, I really feel like she turned herself around. She has used negative experiences to write something totally amazing. She took the high route and got most people to do a 360 regarding their feelings about her. High five, Taylor.

– She is a fan of her fans. In my opinion, that is something becoming rare in the celebrity sphere these days.

What do you think of Taylor Swift? Love her? Hate her? Is there someone else you admire more?


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