Miniscule Primark/Penneys Haul

When I say this is a miniscule haul, I really mean it is a miniscule haul – it only has 3 items! Still, everybody loves a Primark/Penneys haul so why not share my bargains with you anyway?

I popped into Primark on Alexanderplatz this week to cheer myself up and see was there was any good deals left despite it being a few weeks since the sales started. I actually found these lovely tops reduced to €3 each so I wasn’t left disappointed.


I have become obsessed with Harry Potter over the past few weeks so there was no way I was leaving this behind. Although it might be considered by some a ‘kiddies’ top, I think I will funk it up by teaming it with disco pants or leather shorts. It has an oversized, boxy shape and the material is thick and of good quality.


I hope the picture can do justice for this top (because my terrible description certainly won’t). The design is velvet and feels like it is lifted from the top. The rest of the material is slightly see through but in areas so small that no flesh is shown (I really don’t know how to describe this). At first, I thought the top would be cropped, but it is a fitted shape which stops just at the waist of your pants, skirt, etc. I have some vivid green/blue printed pants I will pair with this as I feel that the clashing prints will go well together.


My last item is this ring which I picked up for 50c, and which there is really nothing to say about.

Have you been to Primark/Penneys lately? Pick up any bargains?

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