A Day Trip To Peacock Island

My oh my, how fast January is flying by! I began 2015 with some new resolutions for my blog, particularly in the matter of scheduling and how many times I would post a week. Then, I look at the calendar and see that it is already the 22nd of the month and not one new element has been put in place. Sigh. Ah well, I won’t let myself get stressed about it. My schedule on a whole has changed a lot already this year so some aspects were bound to become out of sync.

Anyway, today I really wanted to post but had nothing really to put together. However, procrastination saw my scrolling through old pictures earlier today and I cam across some pictures of Peacock Island which had not yet seen the (internet) light of day. And with the terrible grey weather we are currently experiencing in Berlin, I thought it was a perfect time to showcase my adopted city in a more positive light.

I guess you could say that Peacock Island, or Pfaueninsel, is not one of the more well-known tourist attractions in Berlin. At least I had never heard of it prior to going there. It is really nestled away in the south-western part of Berlin and is closer to Potsdam and Brandenburg that Berlin City Centre. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely day out when the sun is shining. Besides several free-ranging peacocks and other native and exotic birds, it is home to some beautiful old buildings and rolling green scenery. The island also has a rich history but I would recommend clicking here and reading rather than me killing any interesting elements through my bad story telling.

I would suggest keeping your visit for a day when the weather is good as there is not very much shelter if the heavens do decide to open. As you would need more or less a full day to really take in the beauty of the island, I would suggest bringing a packed lunch. I made a mistake during my visit in not bringing anything to eat so all I had to eat was a Cornetto for the entire day. There is a stand selling sausages and beer but alas, I am a vegetarian.

My pictures are not the very greatest but I do hope you enjoy them. Let me know if you have ever been to Peacock Island and what you thought. Information about any other spots off the eaten tourist track are also very much appreciated.



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