Quick and Easy Recipes: Cheesy Spinach Pasta

More and more recipe posts have been springing up here and I am really flattered by the positive attention they have received. It seems like only yesterday that I was burning any bit of food I put my hand to, but now, thankfully, there are a few dishes that I can prepare each time without a hitch.

The more I was cooking, the more I was enjoying it, which meant recipes were appearing more here more often, and I was lavishing the positive attention. Then everything came to a standstill and I will tell you why – the lack of time. No, I don’t have the busiest of lives but like many others, I work a full-time job and find myself at times without any desire to cook. The problem with this is that home cooked dinners managed to transform themselves into takeaways. Not very good for someone who is trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle. A good solution to this problem was to always make sure I had a cupboard/fridge/freezer stocked full of simple ingredients which would also help me out in a crisis.

Financially and health wise, this was a good call. But these dinners affected my recipe posting on Joyful Antidotes, simply because I was a little bit embarrassed of the stuff I was throwing together. However, the more I thought about it the more I felt that I was onto some type of mini series for my blog. The meals I was making were relatively healthy, cheap and could be whipped together in little to no time. Surely there were some readers in the same situated as me who could do with some help? Well, let’s see! Here is my first quick and easy, under 5 ingredient recipe!

This recipe actually only has 3 ingredients, and starts with a cup of dry pasta. I am yet to come across a household without a packet of pasta in the cupboard. It is deciding what to do with it is the problem. I got these very cute measuring cups in Tiger and I love them so much!


While the pasta is cooking (I added some salt and garlic powder to the water for some extra taste but they are totally optional ingredients), I seek out my box of frozen spinach from the freezer. I love spinach and it frequently turns up in my meals. However, as I am the only one in my house that eats it, I buy frozen spinach instead of the fresh stuff which tends to wilt before it can all be used. I put a half of cup of pasta into a pan (look how cute this one is!) and cook it at a medium heat. No oil is needed.


When both the pasta and spinach are done, I put them to a bowl and mix them together with this herb cream cheese. Cream cheese is what I consider an instant cheese sauce for pasta, and is also handy to have around for breakfast bagels and sandwiches at lunch time.


Here is the finished product:


It was ever so tasty and so easy to make after a long day. What are your favourite pasta recipes?


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