Easy Spicy Couscous Recipe

I have another recipe for you today as I have been mad cooking these last weeks. Like my guacamole recipe, this is quick and easy to prepare and makes for a delicious, filling lunch. Meet another of my food addictions – spicy couscous!



1 cup of dry couscous

spring onion


red pepper

1 tablespoon of garlic powder

2 tablespoons of curry powder

as much habanero sauce as desired


Add the couscous to a large pot. Pour over one cup of boiling water. Add the garlic powder and the curry powder. Cover the couscous and leave it sit for 5 minutes to fluff up.


While you are waiting for the couscous to cook, chop the spring onion, tomato and red pepper into small piece. As soon as the couscous is done, add them to the pot along with the habanero sauce. There you have it, another tasty dish ready in 10 minutes!


In this instance, I added a fried egg on top of the couscous. I left the yolk runny so it oozed over the couscous as I ate. Yum-my.


This recipe makes more than enough for 2 people, more if you plan on eating it as a side dish. Store the leftovers in a container and treat your taste buds again during the week. Once placed in the refrigerator, the couscous should last up to 3 days.

There are a thousand and one other ways to prepare couscous. Which is your favourite recipe?

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