Clothing to Survive a Winter in Berlin

Boy, does it get cold in Berlin during the winter time. I write this post looking out at window at a dull, grey Berlin who thinks that a temperature of one degree is enough to keep warm a city of over four million inhabitants. Sigh


It is my fourth winter here now and while I can’t say that I particularly enjoy living in the minus figures for a few months (who can), I have learned how do deal with the weather a lot better. Let me share my words of wisdom and tell you some absolute necessities when spending winter in the German capital.

A Good Pair of Boots


It will snow during the winter and it is an absolute given that Berlin will receive a relative heavy downfall of rain. So kiss goodbye to your Uggs and any other fabric boots/shoes in your wardrobe. After two years of slipping and sliding around the city streets, I finally invested in a pair of Dr. Martens. These boots really need no introduction. Let me just say that their thick sole and watertight construction will be lifesavers as your brave the harsh winter elements each day (there are no snow days in Berlin. Boo).

A Good, Warm Jacket


My advice when purchasing a winter jacket is to pick one which is as close to a sleeping bag as possible. I bought this one last week from Adidas Neo for €99 (There was €30% off and it was down from €129. There is now 50% off in store). I would advise that you pick a jacket with a hood, and also one which is lined all the way through. This one comes down to my knees (I am 5ft 3) and the inside is covered in a white fleece which can be removed. I have already tried and tested this jacket and it is a winner.

It was quite difficult to photograph. Here is another picture of me wearing it if that makes any difference:


Thick Socks and Tights


These items are probably not new to many people reading this post. The above tights and socks have been part of my winter wardrobe for as long as I can remember. Primark/Penneys is new enough to Berlin though and I recommend anybody who can get their hands on these items to do so as quickly as possible. Of course, there are a multitude of other winter accessories on the market and the Primark/Penneys  tights and socks are not some kind of never before seen products which have just set foot on German soil. But at €4 for the tights and €3 for the socks, they are really affordable and good quality items perfect for those of us who cannot afford to buy everything in North Face.

Scarf, Hat and Gloves


Keeping with the theme of accessories, good scarves, hats and gloves are an absolute must. I haven’t repurchased any new bits this year but I wanted to show the bargain €6 scarf I got in Primark/Penneys. It has two different patterns, and is very long and quite thick – you really can’t go wrong!

This advice was not given lightly. I spent my first winter here with nothing substantial to wear and it was not pleasant. Don’t be foolish and make sure you can actually enjoy your winter in Berlin!


  1. Thanks! I am so happy with the jacket. I have been looking for something like this for ages but could never find one that was lined all the way through. Christmas really is lovely here. What I like the most is that there isn’t really a strong sense of consumerism like they have back home.

  2. Great tips on how to survive winter. We recently migrated from the warm sunny Malaysia to Canada (back to hubby’s home country) and gosh, it’s freezing here and the cold is something that I need to get used to. The first month here was hard for me, I actually fell really sick but it’s better for me now. I guess I am slowly getting used to the freezing weather. LOL!

    Reflection of Sanity

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