My Top Tip For Dry Skin

I can already predict when writing the first sentence of this post that I am going to ramble on, but I really wanted to publish this ‘tip’ it as a follow-up to my recommendations for red, sensitive skin. As said previously, these products have really helped my skin care regime, and I highly recommend them to fellow sufferers if they haven’t found their ‘holy grail’ product(s) yet.

Before I considered redness and sensitivity as my main enemies, I had another even more irritating nemeses – dryness. My skin was unbelievably dry to that point that sometimes it even started to bleed from the lightest touch. This was a problem for my face as dryness on my body was never really an issue. What bothered me the most, because apparently I am that vain, was that make up would never stay on my face. Instead, it would just cake on and flake away, getting progressively worse as the day wore on. Of course, I immediately blamed the foundation I was using because don’t we always immediately resort to buying a new product as a solution? Of course this did not work as the problem was much more deeply rooted than my outside façade.

While the moisturizer mentioned in my last post were a great help in combating my dehydrated skin, they certainly were not the solution to my problem. Let me tell you what was. A product so simple and thankfully readily available to me, yet it barely crosses my mind. Water. Yes, I began to drink water. Two litres a day to be precise. Within a matter of weeks (let’s say 8) my skin began its transformation. I couldn’t believe how much of a change there was. Was my body really that dehydrated that it made my skin such a hot mess? Must have been!

That was 2 years ago now and my skin has not reverted back to its old ways. In fact, it can even be somewhat oily these days and sometimes I have to put a light moisturizer on when applying my make up to refrain from having to use heavy powders and setting spray to keep it in place.

This ‘trick’ of mine may not be new to most of you, but I felt the need to write this post as I believe there still are many people who overlook the most simple and natural products that are out there. Let’s face it, we live in an age of consumerism where products of all kinds, just not beauty related, are pushed in our face every day. While a lot of them certainly have their benefits and purpose, we also need to remember not to overlook the small things that could make a difference, like water or a healthy diet.

Have you any other natural beauty tips you swear by? I would love to hear them!

Water is more than just a beautiful thing to look it. This is a scene from the Ring of Kerry.

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