The Jameson Experience

Quite simply, I do not meet the Irish stereotype when it comes to whiskey. In fact, it could be said that I actually bring shame on the country’s beloved drink. Why so? Because when I do drink whiskey it is mostly bourbon whiskey, and I also mix it with cola. On the odd occasion I have drunk Jameson, it was mixed with ginger ale. I must admit that it didn’t sit with me very well either. Therefore, I wouldn’t blame you for being surprised that this blog post is about my visit to The Jameson Experience in Middleton, Co.Cork.

Admittedly, I was skeptical about taking this tour. Whiskey is not really my thing and I felt that one would really need to be a whiskey lover to enjoy it. Luckily, I was wrong. While whiskey fanatics will certainly appreciate the tour more than the average Joe, it is still quite an interesting way to spend some time. Let me tell you why.

Whiskey is a big part of Irish history and culture, or at least I think so anyway. Hence, for me at least, this tour became more of a history tour than anything else. Usually I hate tours which start by placing its participants in front of a cinema screen. However, in this case I actually enjoyed listening to how Jameson whiskey became the big industry player it is today, and the obstacles which slowed its progress along the way.

The rest of the tour mostly chronicles how the whiskey is distilled. What was interesting here for me was the parts which outlined how Irish whiskey is different from Scottish and American whiskey. I dunno exactly why, but this information made me proud of Irish whiskey. Maybe it is some strange cultural thing. My other favorite point of this tour was learning there is such a thing as a Master Distiller. Of course, I could never be one, but how cool would having that title be!

Overall, I think if you have even a slight interest in whiskey, the Jameson Experience is an hour well spent. Like I already said, and I want to emphasize this point again, it is not an overly technical tour as many historic and cultural points are also factored in. I also want to take the time here to highlight the wonderful tour guide we had, Collette. I don’t know Collette’s surname, but I can tell you she is from Kilkenny and is very friendly. I think she realized that this tour is not for everyone so tried to make it as upbeat and interesting on a general level as possible. Thanks Collette!

The tour costs €14 and last approximately one hour. Each person gets a free drop of Jameson at the end (just the 6-year-old stuff mind you).

Enjoy my pictures below!




*This is not a sponsored post.

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