Review: Hamburger Mary’s Berlin

I finally did it! I went to Hamburger Mary’s which has been on my list of places to visit for a long time now. It just took 3 shots at walking around the area to find it. Some people will never forgive me for the kilometres of walking I made then undertake to no avail, but let’s concentrate on the good aspects of my journey instead.

Hamburger Mary’s is another American diner style burger joint which has opened up in Berlin. Burgers seem to be hip right now so I can imagine some people deciding to give this a skip particularly because it is located in the calmer Schönenburg rather than Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg. This would be a big mistake on your part because this place is fab!


What drew me here in the first place was the burger menu. Not only did they have a wide selection, you also had the choice to nestle either a beef, chicken or veggie burger between the bun and combined ingredients of your choice. I choose the veggie burger (“Meaty Mushroom”) which is essentially a black bean patty, while my Hamburglar accompanist had the beef burger “(The Spicy Mary”). We knew we were onto a good thing when they asked how should they cook the beef burger. Well done, please!


The taste test! The Meaty Mushroom was divine! Much better than those soggy frozen patties served in other places. The mushrooms inside were cooked just right and they was the right amount of cheese placed over them. This is can be a messy burger though as it is hard to keep the beans together. Be warned that you may have to resort to the shame of using a knife and fork. The Spicy Mary was cooked exactly as order – not a millimeter of pink meat in sight. The buffalo hot sauce even had a kick to it. It is always a pleasure to find actual spicy food in Berlin. One thing I would say was slightly disappointing were the fries. Although they were very nicely cooked, they were seasoned in something (not exactly sure what) that my taste buds didn’t go crazy about. However, while not the best fries I had ever had in my life, they were certainly tasty.

So, what else about Hamburger Mary’s? Well, it has a great American diner vibe without the token check tablecloths and jukeboxes. Instead, they present a modern vibe and have music videos playing on flat-screen TVs. They have an outside area. Yay! And a menu that goes beyond burgers; visitors can also find salads, mac-n-cheese fritters, sandwiches and salmon on offer. The staff are friendly, speak very good English. and present the bill in the most glamorous way I have ever seen. Phew! So many positive things to say in so little time.


Would I go there again? Certainly! I really enjoyed it there and want to taste other items on them menu. Next time, however, I will try to go after 8pm on a Friday or Saturday when a dinner drag show takes place.

Let me know below if you have ever been to Hamburger Mary’s and what you thought. Or if you have any burger recommendations for me.


  1. Hi hun! Lovely posts. You linked your blog to me on the twitter chat a couple of days ago. I just had a proper look at it today. I loooove your blog! I’m now following you! And I’m definitely looking forward to seeing your future posts. Mind checking out mine as well? Keep in touch hun xx


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